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“After intensive concert activity, he proved himself to be both an extraordinary teacher and mentor to numerous young artists as well as the winners of some of the most prestigious international piano competitions: First Prizes at the “Reine Elizabeth” (Queen Elizabeth) Competition in Brussels, the Busoni of Bolzano in Italy (1992 and 2001), the Montreal Competition in Canada,the Paloma O’Shea in Santander in Spain..."

17-23 AUGUST 2019
Cava De'Tirreni/Salerno
Leonid Margarius
Corsi di Perfezionamento Musicale // I Corsi

Congratulations to:
Nicola Losito
Premio Venezia 2018
V premio.

Shotaro Nishimura
38th Delia Steinberg International piano competition
2019 (Madrid,Spain)
Second prize

Takeshi Shimozato

Epinal International piano competition 2019 (France)
Third Prize

Francesco Navelli
Cantu International piano competition 2019 (Italy)
Third Prize

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